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GI Commodities Perspective - June 2017

Resources are the investment focus of the Gravitas Short-Duration Flow-Through 2017, so we expect questions about commodity markets from advisors and their clients. Many feel cautious. We believe this perspective requires a counter-point. David Fickling discusses the missing volatility in commodity markets of late, plus we provide a graph that can be shared... Click here to read full article.

June 2017 Market Insight

The grocery and retail sectors were shook up last week with the news that Amazon has agreed to a $13.7 Bill (US) all-cash deal to buy Whole Foods Market, the high-end US organic grocery chain*. While we wrote up a quick reaction immediately following the news release, we had an opportunity to think through the online retail and grocery space in the time since then.

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Global Markets Poised for Growth - Despite Political Upheaval

As many have come to appreciate, Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was far more than a question about
Europe. The results indicate it was just as much an anti-establishment backlash in response to voter frustrations over wage stagnation and inequality. The Brexit vote exemplifies the wave of populism that is sweeping developed Western nations, with long-term implications for the European project...

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BREXIT Special Bulletin

In the world of low probability events occurring and having wide-ranging outcomes, Britain’s decision to exit the EU is a big one. As big as Lehman/AIG/Greek default? We don’t think so, but policy response from central banks is likely necessary to determine shorter-term market direction.

Playing Chicken with a Dump Truck

It appears that the jury is now out in the case of Greece vs. Club Euro. The jurists are the Greek public. On July 5th, a country famous for not paying taxes, will ask it citizens if they should accept higher taxes, significant budget cuts, retirement age reforms and pension reductions, all imposed by foreign governments. The current Greek government is telling them to vote no.

Hmm, I wonder which way it will go?

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